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 Guild Base Creation Registration.

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Guild Base Creation Registration. Empty
PostSubject: Guild Base Creation Registration.   Guild Base Creation Registration. EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 2:12 am

Dear player ,

GM Team decide to make base for a guild, but under certain condition.

Below are the condition :

1) The guild at least have 8 player.
2) All the guild member have to be active from time to time.
3)Guild master have to register for the base which need to post it here.
4) There is ONLY 4 Npc allow in a base.
5) 50 Mil will be charged by GM for the base creation which mean u have to pay 50 Mill to GM.
6)Guild base will be removed if the guild is no longer activate for 1 month.
7) Rule and regulation will be changed from time to time.

Please follow the example of registration form below.


Guild Name : Ragnarok Online (example)
Guild Master Name : Peter (example)
Guild mate : ( Kindly Show some of your guild mate name )
Guild Capacity : ( how many member u have )
Guild Base location : ( its better to use the map name provided in game mean u can use /where to show the map name)
Npc : ( you are allow to give 4 kind of Npc , Buffer is a must while the 3 other npc, you are allow to choose either Warper , pvp & WoE warper , Repair Npc or tool dealer.) + ( use /where and show the location of npc)
Example , Healer Npc ( Gonryun , 164,115 )

List all the npc then Send a Pm to [GM]Administrator. And u are done with the registration.
Kindly pm me if you have any problem.

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Guild Base Creation Registration.
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