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PostSubject: [GM]Event    [GM]Event  EmptyMon May 23, 2011 3:12 am

Based on the topic 'Hello, Alex a.k.a Filnortzul a.k.a Chiguko/Chizuko better known as Ah Hiek'

GM Event, You can lock the topic. You have the power to do so and I have no issues with that, but how can you delete my last post before you lock that topic? Was I too fast for you?

Who complained? Who give feedback? I think 1 or 2 player only, which includes Hiek himself. Then you say it asthough alot of players give feedback? lol?. Take a look at the forum, its half dead. I am helping you keep the forum active. Server also want to kick the bucket, I also try to pull in new guilds and help newbies. And look at what you do? why do you speak in interest of a cloak hacker? He got banned for using cloak hack and he managed to make a new ID and get all the necessary equipments within the next day. Can the GMs explain why they didnt bann IP? Do the GMs know that he is still using WPE Cloak Hack presently? Do the GM even know how to bann by IP anot? I am helping you save the server but you want to speak up for someone who is ruining it.

How to have new players when the server's current state is like this? How to make the server grow when you got players like this inside? Yet you still want to defend the one who is unjust. I also know [GM]Event got a personal vendetta against me. I don't know why and I dont care either. You think of me as a bully. Whatever, Im just here to keep myself entertained and to enjoy myself. You don't know how hard an effort I put in to help your server. Consoling newbies not to quit and bluffing them that this server is stable when it is totally Imba and having many WPE hackers.

Just wanna ask why the GMs didnt bann by IP. If he didnt use WPE cloak hack after he re-joined with a new ID, I wouldnt really care about him. But the B!tch still using it... so how? I can pull more guilds to join this server but how can I help your server when you yourself cant help it.

For anyone who wants Filnortzul/Chizuko/Chigoku/Alex/Hiek picture you can message me here or InGame. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [GM]Event    [GM]Event  EmptyMon May 23, 2011 12:35 pm

Dear player ,

Yup right , he is using illegal program. His account got Ban, well , IP ban its not easy as u said Very Happy . Why are u creating chaos in the forum. Why GM Team have to support a such childish act of yours ? Oh please, this chit chat section is for player to chat and its not for flame . And please, this the last warning , how matter how much u hate on a person . Don't Bring it up to EnjoyRo forum, u may create fans club or blog for him . But not in EnjoyRo Forum . Please. Finally, this topic is closed again. Thank you.

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