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 Donation Guide

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PostSubject: Donation Guide   Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:46 pm

RM1 = 10 Poring Coin(s)

Maybank Account No : 1625-2611-7762
Maybank Account Name : Ho See Wai

For Singaporean Donaters:
SGD 1 = 25 Poring Coin(s) + SGD 30 (Transfer Fees)

Directly transfer to Maybank Account.
You can also proceed to any Maybank banks in Singapore and you can directly transfer it to Maybank in Malaysia account

Item Buying List Sample Format :
Like a Star @ heaven PM [GM]Donation in Forum of the transaction and following the sample format :
Account ID : enjoyro
IGN : EnjoyRO
Amount : RM100
Transaction Date : 5 - 11 - 2010
Transaction Time : 3.40pm

2 +9 Buckler[1]
2 +9 Pauldron[1]
2 +9 Muffler[1]
2 +9 Formal Suit[1]
1 +9 Marionette Doll[1]
Total : 355 Poring Coin(s)

Balance : 645 Poring Coin(s)

Like a Star @ heaven Kindly Please Wait [GM]Donation Online And Will Be PM The IGN in Games, It'll Be Processed Within 24 Hours. Like a Star @ heaven

THIS IS HOT!!!! Updated 08-01-2011

Player Who Donate RM100 Or Above Will Get Extra Baby Chick

Thanks For Supporting For all Donater, Hope You Guys Like It!!!

Donation Room

This Npc is in Main City: "Gonryun" Name: "AhPek"

This is The Donation Npc. Name: "Donation Npc"
Like a Star @ heaven Those Boxes item & Healing item Player can use Poring Coin(s) buy from this NPC

This is The Rental Npc. Name:"GTB Rental"
Like a Star @ heaven This is EnjoyRO Golden Thief Bug Valkyrie Shield Rental Npc, this effect is 100% ignore to all magic attack and ignore spell like dispell & stone curse.

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Donation Guide
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