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 Feed the Piamette Event

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PostSubject: Feed the Piamette Event   Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:54 am

There will be a Feed the Piamette Event
on 20 July 2011 (Wed) 930pm
There will only be 50 Event Special gold to be won!
Be back and Check out forum for the games rules and regulations on 20 Jul 2011 3pm onward..

Event Special Gold can use to make Sword of Lore or Arc Angeling wings.
(Check out EnjoyRO Quest 2 npc)

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Ashley Razz
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Posts : 47
Join date : 2010-12-25

PostSubject: Re: Feed the Piamette Event   Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:43 pm

All players who wants to participle this event, can gather in IZLUDE TOWN at 9pm.
If you have any question for the event, Kindly gather before 920pm to ask me! after 920pm i will not reply on any
enquiry questios regarding event! (I will only reply questions related to event!)

Feed the Piamette Event

Stage 1:
Before event starts, player have to hunt Jellopy x 10, Fluff x 10 and Clover x 10!
Gather in Izulde town at 9pm.
Gm Event will announce the location at 930pm to look for EventHelper

Stage 2:
Find EventHelper and Accomplish the mission given and follow the hint given for stage 3

Stage 3:
Find EventBoy in Comodo Town and Accomplish the mission given and follow the hint given for stage 4

Stage 4:
Find Captain Event in Umbala Town and Accomplish the mission given to stage 5

Stage 5:
Find GM Enjoy in Alberta town and Accomplish the "Getting of Piametter's Foods" mission
Deal GM Enjoy and he will pass you a CookBook! Cook all Dex,Str,Int,Vit,Luk,Agi food (each 3)

Final Stage:
Gm Event will disguise to Piamette and will be hiding in Ayothaya
Accomplish the task given by GM Enjoy and get the foods and look for me to exchange for Event special gold!!!
Player who finds me need to shout out ~Gotcha~ (have to to type out with ~)
and i will deal for food and cookbook to exchange for Event Special Gold!
(3 of all 6 kinds of foods and 1 cookbook given by GM Enjoy to exchange for 1 Event Special GOLD!)
I will ONLY deal and exchange with 1 PLAYER at 1 spot. I will teleport to a new spot for player to seek and deal again!

Will update again (If any changes by 730pm)

Thank you.


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Feed the Piamette Event
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