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 EnjoyRO Pvp Tournament 2011

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PostSubject: EnjoyRO Pvp Tournament 2011   Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:01 pm

Main event for May!!!

EnjoyRO Pvp Tournament 2011 will be held on 18 and 19 May 2011 (Wed & Thur)

Semi final round will be held on 18 May 2011 (Wed) 830pm for all participate teams.
Match will be held in 1 team vs 1 team mode.
Final Match for the championship will be held on 19 May 2011 - 930pm

The team who eliminated the opponent within 6 minutes or has more players at the end will wins the game.
(6 minutes per match for semi final and 8 minutes for the final)

If each team has the same number of players until the end of a match, it will go into GOLDEN TIME of 5 mins.
The 1st Team that loses a player (Death) during the 5 mins Golden time will lose the match.

A team will be composed of 5 members.

The 5 Classes of base level 99 and Job level 70 will be:
- Lord Knight
- High Wizard
- High Priest
- Sniper
- Clown

Each team will have a Guild and Guild Logo.

Players must use the pre- generated characters. 5 accounts with default classes will be provided.
ID and Password will be given by [GM]Event 5 mins before log in to gathering room.

There will be vending npcs and tool dealer in the gathering room.
(Speed pot exclude in tool dealer and with fire or silver arrows)
Players will be given 10 mins to prepare their pre-generated character in gathering room.

List of items will be vend in the gathering room by Vending npcs.
All equipments will be in +8

Armor with [1]
Silk robe, formal suit, saint robe, tights, chain mail, plate armor, full plate armor

Robe with [1]
Muffler, wool scarf, manteau, clack of survival, pauldron

Shield with [1]
Guard, Buckler, Mirror shield, Shield

Shoes with [1]
Tidal shoes, shoes, boots, grave

Enjoy RO flying angeling, AOA, Circlet[1], cap[1], helm[1],enjoyro baseball cap [1]

Mid headgear
Binoculars, Peco ear, Fin helm, Butterfly bandage, Angeling ear

Lower headgear
Crunch Toast, Rainbow scarf, Iron cane, Gentleman pipe, Flu mask, Oxygen mask, Ganster mask, Gentleman pipe

Survival Rod [1], Harp [2], Main gauche[4], Pike [4] and Hunting spear [1], Composite bow [4] x 2

Glove[1], Necklace[1], Rosary[1], Ring[1], Earring[1], Clip[1], Orlean Glove[1]


for headgear
Nightmare, Willow, Marduk, elder willow, cramp, grand peco

For armor
Peco peco, Evil druid, Dokebi, Roda Frog, Pupa
(Marc card will only be given to HP and HW by [GM]Event before the match - will not be in Vending npc)

For Shoes
Green Ferus, Sohee, Matyr, Verit

For Robe
Raydric or whisper

For Weapons
drops, faber, golem, mummy, plankton, farmilliar, metaller, marina, cruiser, hydra, skeleton worker, zipperbear, wolf

For shield
Thara frog or Medusa

For accesory
spore, mantis, zerom, tarou, marine sphere, kukre, horong, phen, alligator


Champion team (1st):
Gold Dragon helm x 5 sets
A Helmet that exists in Legends, All Stats +3
150 poring coins x 5 sets
50 event coins x 5 sets
50 +10 food boxes x 5 sets

Runner up (2nd):
Silver Dragon helm x 5 sets
A Helmet that exists in Legends, All Stats +2
120 poring coins x 5 sets
40 event coins x 5 sets
40 +10 food boxes x 5 sets

3rd placing:
Bronze Dragon helm x 5 sets
A Helmet that exists in Legends, All Stats +1
100 poring coins x 5 sets
30 event coins x 5 sets
30 +10 food boxes x 5 sets

Choice of Soulring, or nekomimi or pizza headgear x 5 sets
10 event coins x 5 sets
20 +10 food boxes x 5 sets
1 starter box x 5 sets

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Dragon Helm
Cannot be Refined, Cannot be Traded, Cannot be Dropped, Cannot be Vend, Storage Allowed.

Rules and Regulations

-Players are not allow to teleport out of the room (i will be in the room to look after)
-Players wont be recall back to the event room if they teleport out and will be out of the match.
-Item dropping and trading with players are prohibited during preparation and match duration.
Items will be confiscate by the event master.
-Death player can chose to stay in pvp room as "deathbody" to watch the match till ending of match
or relog back to waiting room
-All characters should be completely set with their skills and status before the match begins
-Once teleport into pvp room, Match shall begins. (Will not entertain player who request to wait)
-If undeclared incident happens during tournament, players must follow the [GM]Event’s instruction.
(If players do not follow [GM]Event’s instruction, it can be a reason for warning or disqualification
-The players should be instructed to enter the tournament site by [GM]Event.
(The participant who violates the instruction should leave the site and will not be able to join again.)
-The team leaders should check whether their team members are in the party or not, and the team is responsible for any
disadvantages caused from not checking the party status.
Also, if there is any player who is not in the party of corresponding team, he/she has to leave the game immediately,
and if found after the match ends, the team will lose the match.
-Players who entered the battleground before the match begins are not allowed to use hiding skills such as Hiding, Cloaking.
In the case of ignoring this rule, 1st, the player will get a warning, 2nd, the player will be disqualified, and 3rd, the team will lose the match.
-When players have abnormal game crashes or problems with connections before entering battleground, they should notify the problem to the Host and re-connect. Before the match begins, the match can be delayed for the maximum of 3 minutes until the player re-connects. But once the match begins, players who cannot run the game normally by problems such as abnormal terminations or errors will be considered as withdrawn from the game and the match will go on. Also, all NPC’s become unusable during the retired player’s re-connection. The player should inform his/her account to the Host in order to get the invitation to the battleground, without controlling a character.
The match can be postponed until the problem is fixed even if it takes longer than 3 minutes, only if the problem is caused by general operation. If the problem is caused by ‘Player’s Offense’ or ‘Non-operational reason’, the user will be dismissed.
- Abnormal terminations and errors include all the situations such as PC-freezing, abnormality of client, unpredicted disconnection of server, bugs in the game when the match is already begun (that is, other users already began to fight), and all the other cases except for the user’s intend. In these kinds of case, withdrawal is the basic judgment. However, alternative can be applied when local manager approves the rematch or something else, depending on the local situation.
-Players cannot change their characters.
-Players are not allowed to use abnormal or 3rd party programs like as WPE or etc.
Players should connect with proper client, which is provided by Gravity.
-Players should only use party chat during a match.
If any offending case is detected, the team will get be warned and the user needs to terminate the program immediately.
Also, if they do not follow this instruction, corresponding user will be disqualified.
-A player who makes a public chat will be warned for the first time, second time he/she regarded as dead (disqualified).
-A player who leaves his/her party during a match will be considered as a dropout and will be instructed to quit his/her game immediately
-Using Vending Skills, Item dropping and trading with players are prohibited in the Tournament.
Any team found violating these rules without permission will be disqualified.
-Players can only use items purchase by Vending npcs in waiting room.

Players who wish to participle EnjoyRO Pvp Tournament 2011
have to post a reply under this topic BY 11 May 2011 (WED) 1159PM

Example as below:
Team leader: IGN (In Game Name)
Lord knigh: IGN
High Priest: IGN
High Wizard: IGN
Sniper: IGN
Clown: IGN

Will gather up all team leaders to draw lot on 12 May 2011 - Thur (930pm)
and post the match time slot for each team on 16 May 2011 (Monday)



[GM] Event
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PostSubject: Re: EnjoyRO Pvp Tournament 2011   Fri May 06, 2011 1:47 pm

"For armor
Peco peco, Evil druid, Dokebi, Roda Frog, Pupa
(Marc card will only be given to HP and HW by [GM]Event before the match - will not be in Vending npc)"


2 marc cards will be given to team leader before event start.
This 2 cards can be used by the chosen 2 members within the team
(no restriction to be used by high priest and high wizard)
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PostSubject: Re: EnjoyRO Pvp Tournament 2011   Sun May 15, 2011 5:44 am

Since no respone on Enjoy RO PVP Tournament 2011, i will cancel this pvp event and replace it with Mighty MVP event.

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PostSubject: Re: EnjoyRO Pvp Tournament 2011   

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EnjoyRO Pvp Tournament 2011
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