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 25 November 2010 - EnjoyRO Endless Tower Trip

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PostSubject: 25 November 2010 - EnjoyRO Endless Tower Trip   Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:45 am

HiHi!! Here is some screen shot at Endless Tower^^
So sad, came back late & i onli ss the last part =_='' ....

Like a Star @ heaven Players Getting Start

Like a Star @ heaven haha all dead, and regroup buffing

Like a Star @ heaven hm they look like successful setup

Like a Star @ heaven arhhh gambateh!!!

Like a Star @ heaven OMG left last 20% all players dead >_<!!!!!

confused SADNESS halfway because my connection problem and skiped the ss >< Hope other players or GMs got taked the rest ss and share it !!!! Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
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25 November 2010 - EnjoyRO Endless Tower Trip
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